For Teachers K-12

Solar energy topics make excellent math and science education activities.
Free Energy Curriculum/Lesson Plans 

No Impact Project [] This curriculum uses “No Impact Man” — the book and the film — to help middle and high school students explore the effects that their everyday behavior has on the environment, their health, and their well-being. 
Classroom Earth [] Designed for high school teachers, this Web site includes resources, lesson plans, and other ideas on how to incorporate environmental topics into a science curriculum. 
Classroom Solar Energy Kits and Products 

Solar Made [] offers solar energy kits for sale.

New Mexico Solar Energy Association  []

Kidwind [] is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving science education while introducing curriculum for wind power. In addition to providing student-geared wind power kits, Kidwind is a great resource for teachers wanting to take accredited workshops on teaching about wind power.
Human-powered generators (expensive, but cool!) []
How to build a human-powered bicycle generator for your classroom

Hydrogen fuel cell kits []
Real Goods [ ] offers green products for sale. Real Goods, a leader in California on sustainability and renewable energy education, hosts conferences and fairs at their eco campus.
Backwoods Solar [] is an established online and catalog distributer for renewable energy equipment and a great source for solar fountain materials.
Pitsco Education [] supplies scientific materials for teachers.
Making Science Fun! [] provides scientific materials and science project ideas.
Edmund Scientific [] is a source for kits and goodies, with lots of sales and cheap shipping.
Science Fairs and Competitions

Open to students K–12, the Igniting Creative Energy challenge [] is an educational competition designed to encourage students to learn more about energy and the environment.
The Dell-Winston School Solar Car Challenge [] was established ten years ago to help motivate students in science and engineering. The challenge, a part of The Winston School in Dallas, teaches high school students around the world how to build roadworthy solar cars.
The Solar Decathlon []
National Renewal Energy Laboratory Programs

Middle School Science Bowl []
Junior Solar Sprint and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car Competition  []
The Internet Science and Technology Fair  [] for students in grades 3 through 12, provides an opportunity to research solutions to real-world problems involving science, engineering, and other technical fields of study.