Smart Grid Technical Workshop Series

These engaging workshops for energy industry professionals are intended to cultivate actionable knowledge and skills in pertinent smart grid and electric market topics.

All of these workshops are taught by seasoned professionals operating on the front lines of smart grid planning and development.

In addition to the scheduled offerings at the Philadelphia Navy Yard Smart Grid Experience Center, all of these course are available as customized in-house learning experiences for your employees.

These workshops are offered via a partnership between Penn State University and Scitor Corporation.  Scitor’s Energy Academy provides a comprehensive series of one and two-day workshops on a range of topics of interest to the electric sector.  Subjects range from cybersecurity to business process management.  The PSU-Scitor partnership also enables Penn State entities and GridSTAR participants the opportunity to tap into Scitor’s engineering and program management solutions tailored for emerging Smart Grid applications.  Scitor is proud to be partnered with Penn State at the Philadelphia Naval Yard Smart Grid Experience Center and is committed to the success of the GridSTAR effort.

Course Title Request In-House Session Register For Course
Cyber Security Awareness Program In-House Coming Soon
Data Privacy for Utilities In-House Coming Soon
Building a Smart Grid Roadmap In-House Coming Soon
Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Functions for Supporting the Power Grid In-House Coming Soon
Introduction to Distribution Management and Distribution Automation in the Smart Grid Environment In-House Register
Transactive Energy: What is it and how it can help your utility and customers? In-House Register
The Green Button Initiative In-House Register
Designing your Smart Technology Test Bed In-House Register
Overview of Protocol Standards for Customer Premise Integration with Smart Grid Operations In-House Register
Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management for Smart Grid In-House Register
Urban Issues In-House Register
Guidelines for Smart Grid Cyber Security In-House Coming Soon
Distributed Energy Resources Architectures In-House Coming Soon
Utility Techology and Service Acquisition In-House Coming Soon
Transforming Utility Customer Service Operations In-House Coming Soon
Distributed Automation in the Smart Grid Environment In-House Coming Soon
Integrated Volt/Var/Watt Optimization In-House Coming Soon
Coordination of Distribution and Transmission In-House Coming Soon
Advanced Distribution Automation In-House Coming Soon
Customer Communications and Utility/Energy Service Architecture In-House Coming Soon
Protocol Standards for Customer Premise Integration In-House Coming Soon
NISTIR 7628 Users Guide and Implementation In-House Coming Soon
Asset Management Best Practices for Improved Utility Operational Reliability, Safety & Efficiency In-House Coming Soon
The Benefits and Costs of Advanced Metering Infrastructure In-House Coming Soon
Demand Response and Dynamic Pricing In-House Coming Soon
Forecasting Demand During a Recession In-House Coming Soon
Energy Efficiency in the Digital Age In-House Coming Soon
Integration of Retail and Wholesale Markets In-House Coming Soon
Creating your Smart Technology Test Plan In-House Coming Soon

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