Smart Grid Experience Center

The Smart Grid Experience Center: The GridSTAR Smart Grid Experience Center is headquartered at the Philadelphia Navy Yard, which is owend by the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC)

The Smart Grid Exprience Center (SGEC) consists of the following components:

  1. Building energy management systems and network operations center (NOC)
  2. Electric vehicle charging infrastructure (V2G)
  3. Grid interactive smart home with energy storage, generation, and demand-response controls 
  4. Solar PV training infrastructure (utility, commercial & residential)
  5. Revenue-grade smart metering infrastructure
  6. Solar PV installation
  7. Grid-interactive energy storage


SGEC Details: Let's take a closer look at the Smart Home and Training Center


Smart Grid Residence

  • Hyper efficient modular construction
  • Solar PV/Thermal systems integration
  • Grid interactive battery for security/DR
  • Grid interactive controls lighting, heat, A/C
  • Networkable for choreography with community
  • Electric vehicle charging systems integration

Hands-on Demonstration and Training

  • Solar PV demonstration and training
  • Solar thermal systems integration
  • Weather station data collection
  • Flat and sloped roof training surfaces
  • Permanent and removable demonstration systems
  • Indoor-Outdoor training space

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

  • Level 2 chargers (2)
  • Level 3 DC rapid charger
  • Advanced metering load control research
  • V2G pilot via NSF SBIR
  • Support EVITP training program

Energy Storage

  • 150kWh grid interactive storage system
  • Revenue grade metering and controls
  • PJM revenue rapid DR frequency regulation
  • PPA to demonstrate economic model

U.S. DOE Solar Instructor Training Network Penn State Sustainability Institute U.S. DOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Mid-Atlantic Solar Energy Industries Association