Online Smart Grid Intro for Non-Utility Personnel

In this course, you will understand the components of the electric value chain and how they come together to form the power delivery system.
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You will understand the essential nature of the Smart Grid, its key drivers, benefits, and barriers. Upon completing this course, you will gain insight into core Smart Grid technologies along the entire electric value chain. You will understand the operational impacts of applying key Smart Grid technologies both from a utility and customer perspective. You will obtain a much-needed business perspective of Smart Grid via an understanding of cost-benefit analysis, technology and funding aspects of major Smart Grid projects, and market forecasts.

This well-rounded foundational course will both inform and empower you to be an active participant in the grid modernization process that is revolutionizing the power industry today!
If you work for a consulting company or a vendor, delivering products and services to the electric utility, this is the perfect starter course for you.

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