Smart Grid Professional Workshop Series


Energy Innovation Leadership Experience




at the Navy Yard in Philadelphia (Summer 2017)

JOIN US Summer 2017 for an immersive program that combines hands-on learning in sustainable energy systems with valuable internship experiences. Headquartered at Penn State at The Navy Yard in Philadelphia, this program enable students to experience challenging real world problems and at the same time, work with leading companies and research teams on innovative solutions.  Open to undergraduate and graduate engineering students, this program seeks energetic and dedicated students interested in the fields of energy efficiency, sustainable energy technologies, and leadership. APPLY HERE

Internship Experience:

Students are accepted into the program based on receiving a job offer from one of the participating employers. Internships are generally set to span mid-May to mid-August; dates are flexible within internship and coursework components. Internship position wages are based on experience and employer rate structures.

Students are required to take a minimum of 3 credit hours during the program and may take up to 6 credit hours. Employers are leading regional sustainable energy firms or research teams in the Philadelphia area. To learn more about the past summer program at The Navy Yard and to check out the videos capturing the experience CLICK HERE


Students will be expected to register for 3-6 credits of coursework and may choose from the following options:

AE 498 – Leadership in Building Energy Efficiency (3cr)        May 15 - June 23

AE 469 – Solar Design and Construction (3cr)                     June 28 -Aug 10

AE 497/597 – Independent Study (3cr)                               May 15 - Aug 10



    • You are responsible for locating your own housing. In past summers students have rented dorms at local universities including Drexel University. Craigslist is always a good option for finding sublets. You should wait to securing housing until you have an internship secured. The location of the internship may influence where you want to live.
    • For help with housing follow this link:

Course information:

    • Only AE 469 requires a prerequisite of EE 212. This may also be bypassed if the student obtains permission from course supervisor.

Semester standing:

    • Higher semester standing is preferred. However, students who demonstrate passion for their work, of any semester standing, will be considered for acceptance into the program.


    • Students will be required to pay tuition to Penn State for the classes they are enrolled in.
    • Penn State is offering opportunities for scholarship for qualified students. More information will be available in early 2017 about scholarship opportunities.

Work and course schedule:

    • Students will work at their internship for approximately 20 hours per week. Actual hours will be arranged with your employer.
    • Much of the course material is online. Classes will meet in-person 2-3 afternoons per week at the Navy Yard with the schedule shared at least two weeks in advance.


Internship wages:

    • Interns will be paid a competitive wage negotiated between the employer and the student. There is not a set hourly wage that everyone will be earning.

Overall summer finances:

    • Students will pay tuition for 3-6 credit hours
    • Students will pay housing and living costs (unless you are from the area)
    • Students will be paid an hourly wage from their employer (see above)

Start and end dates:

    • Are to be negotiated with your employer. The only fixed dates are the start and end dates of the summer class sessions
    • Summer Session A: 5/15 - 6/23 [Course: AE 498]
    • Summer Session B: 6/28 - 8/10 [Course: AE 469]

Application process:

    • Complete the Google form application. No resume or transcript is needed when you apply to the program. APPLY HERE
    • If a resume or transcript is needed later, we will request it from you.

About GridSTAR Center: 

The GridSTAR Center (Grid-Smart Training and Application Resource Center) was created to develop and deliver responsive professional and skilled workforce educational programming that is aligned with the caliber and pace of the emerging smart grid investments and markets.  The GridSTAR Center is coordinated by the Department of Architectural Engineering at Penn State.

About The Navy Yard: 

The Navy Yard is a 1,200-acre, dynamic urban development, offering the Philadelphia region a unique and centrally located waterfront business campus committed to smart energy innovation and sustainability.  The Navy Yard is home to more than 11,000 employees and 140+ companies in the office, industrial/manufacturing, and research and development sectors, occupying 6.5 million square feet of real estate in a mix of historic buildings and new high-performance and LEED certified construction. For more information, visit




U.S. DOE Solar Instructor Training Network Penn State Sustainability Institute U.S. DOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Mid-Atlantic Solar Energy Industries Association