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We are currently offering the courses listed below. If the class you are interested in is not currently being offered, please sign up for updates about new courses and programs.

Start Datesort icon Title Cost
TBA Building a Smart Grid Roadmap $900.00
TBA Cyber Security Awareness Program $900.00
Available Anytime Online Smart Grid Intro for Non-Utility Personnel $395.00
TBA Data Privacy for Utilities $900.00
Available Anytime Online Smart Grid Intro for Utility Personnel $395.00
TBA Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Functions for Supporting the Power Grid $1,500.00
TBA Introduction to Distribution Management and Distribution Automation in the Smart Grid Environment $1,500.00
TBA Utility Technology and Service Acquisition Methodology $1,500.00
TBA Transforming Utility Customer Service Operations $1,500.00
TBA Transactive Energy: What is it and how it can help your utility and customers? $1,500.00
TBA Grid-scale Storage Business and Opportunities for Your Business $1,500.00
TBA Guidelines for Smart Grid Cyber Security for DER, AMI and other Smart Grid Functions Based on NISTIR 7628 $1,500.00
TBA Designing your Smart Technology Test Bed $1,500.00
TBA Overview of Protocol Standards for Customer Premise Integration with Smart Grid Operations $1,500.00
TBA Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management for Smart Grid $1,500.00
Available Anytime Online Smart Grid Introductory Course for Non-Utility Executives $395.00
TBA Urban Issues $1,500.00
Available Anytime Online Smart Grid Introductory Course Utility Executives $395.00
Available Anytime Intro to Grid Operations $195.00
TBA System Operations $195.00
TBA Intro to Microgrids $195.00
TBA Distributed Energy $199.00
TBA Advanced Metering Infrastructure $199.00
TBA Power System $199.00
TBA Intro to Electric Utilities $195.00
Available Anytime Electric Value Chain $195.00
TBA Intro to Smart Grid $195.00
TBA T&D Automation $195.00
TBA Advanced Operational Systems $195.00
TBA Smart Homes and Buildings $195.00
TBA Market Operations - Systems $199.00
TBA Distribution Management Systems $199.00
TBA Energy Imbalance Market Systems $199.00
TBA E-CAP Financing Tool for Smart Grid Projects $199.00
TBA Electric Vehicle Infrastructure $199.00
TBA CHP and Demand Response $199.00
TBA Energy Storage and Ancillary Services $199.00
TBA Building-Scale Micro Grids $199.00
TBA Residential Scale Micro Grids $199.00
TBA NEMA Energy Storage Testing Protocol $199.00
TBA Certified Solar Roofing Professional $199.00
TBA Distributed Energy Planning and Management $0.00 (SIPD)
TBA Commercial Solar PV Systems $0.00 (SIPD)
TBA Solar Project Development and Finance $0.00 (SIPD)
TBA Wind Turbine Systems $0.00 (SIPD)
TBA The Challenges of the Smart Grid - Electricity Generation, Distribution, and Markets $395.00
TBA Enabling the Smart Grid - Modern Grid and Smart Grid Maturity Model $395.00
TBA Managing the Smart Grid - AMI and Cyber Security $395.00
TBA Integration of Distributed Generation - Wind, Solar, and CHP $395.00
TBA Introduction to Solar Photovoltaic $299.00
TBA Customer Communications and Utility/Energy Service Architecture $1,500.00
TBA What You Can Learn, Unlearn, or Try to Deal with as Service Areas Grow in Power Density $1,500.00
TBA Creating your Smart Technology Test Plan $1,500.00
TBA Asset Management Best Practices for Improved Utility Operations $1,500.00
TBA Corporate IT Cybersecurity Architecture, Situational Awareness and Best Practices Overview $3,000.00
TBA Organizational Level Cybersecurity Awareness $3,000.00
Available Anytime Wind Turbine Aerodynamics $0.00 (SIPD)
Available Anytime Engineering of Wind Project Development $0.00 (SIPD)
Available Anytime SYSEN 520 Systems Engineering $0.00 (SIPD)
Available Anytime SYSEN 597 Smart Grid Systems $0.00 (SIPD)
Available Anytime CSENG Cyber Security $0.00 (SIPD)
Available Anytime Power System Fundamentals $195.00

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